There are 16 mathematicians whose last name begin with CLEA.

Cleanthous, Galatia Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2014
Clearman, Samuel Lehigh University 2016
Cleary, Andrew University of Virginia 1989
Cleary, Joan LaTrobe University 1990
Cleary, John
Cleary, Paul Monash University 1987
Cleary, Rebecca University of Wisconsin-Madison 2013
Cleary, Richard Cornell University 1993
Cleary, Sean University of California, Los Angeles 1992
Cleave, John
Cleaveland, J. Craig University of California, Los Angeles 1978
Cleaveland, II, Walter Cornell University 1987
Cleaver, Charles University of Kentucky 1968
Cleaver, Frank Tulane University 1960
Cleaver, Harry Stanford University 1975
Cleaves, Helen North Carolina State University 2021