There are 18 mathematicians whose last name begin with GIF.

Giffen, Charles Princeton University 1964
Giffen, Deena 2017
Giffen, Nicholas North Carolina State University 2010
Giffhorn, Dennis Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) 2012
Giffin, Adom State University of New York at Albany 2008
Giffin, Edmond Harvard University 1982
Giffin, Jonathon University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006
Gifford, Allan
Gifford, David Stanford University 1981
Gifford, Howard University of Arizona 1997
Gifford, James Australian National University 1997
Gifford, Janice University of Massachusetts Amherst 1983
Gifford, Jim University of California, Riverside
Gifford, Sharon New York University 1989
Gifford, Wesley Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010
Gifkins, A. University of Auckland 1973
Gift, Paul University of California, Los Angeles 2002
Gift, Stephan The University of the West Indies 1980