There are 51 mathematicians whose last name begin with GOUL.

Goulão, Miguel Carlos Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2008
Goulaouic, Charles Université de Paris 1967
Goulard, Bernard
Goulard, Michel Université Montpellier II 1988
Goulard, Robert
Goulart, Claudiano Universidade de Brasília 2013
Goulart, José University of California, Davis 1989
Goulart, Victor Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro 2016
Gould, Ann University of Waterloo 1986
Gould, Elise University of Wisconsin-Madison 2004
Gould, Elizabeth Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics 2017
Gould, Elizabeth University of Waterloo 2017
Gould, Floyd The University of Chicago 1968
Gould, Franklin Wesleyan University 2009
Gould, Fred State University of New York at Stony Brook 1977
Gould, Harvey University of California, Berkeley 1966
Gould, Heather Columbia University 2013
Gould, Henry University of Virginia 1956
Gould, Jack
Gould, Jeremy University of Warwick 1989
Gould, Jerren The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1974
Gould, Lawrence Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1954
Gould, Leonard Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1953
Gould, Mark University of Adelaide 1979
Gould, Martin University of Oxford 2014
Gould, Matthew The Pennsylvania State University 1967
Gould, Miles University of Glasgow 2009
Gould, Nicholas University of Oxford 1982
Gould, Robert University of California, San Diego 1994
Gould, Ronald Western Michigan University 1979
Gould, Roy California Institute of Technology 1956
Gould, Stephen Stanford University 2010
Gould, Victoria University of York 1986
Gould, William Princeton University 1966
Gould, William University of Wales 1971
Goulden, Ian University of Waterloo 1979
Goulder, Lawrence Stanford University 1982
Goulding, Thomas University of Florida 1971
Goulding-Hotta, Nathan University of California, San Diego 2020
Gould, IV, William North Carolina State University 1994
Goulet, Daniel University of Houston 1976
Goulet, David California Institute of Technology 2006
Goulet, John Goulet Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1976
Goulet, Julie Technische Universität München 2010
Goulet, Marc Oregon State University 1992
Goulet, Roger Université de Sherbrooke 1970
Goulet, Vincent Université de Lausanne 1998
Gouli - Andreou, Florence
Goulko, Olga University of Cambridge 2011
Goullet, Arnaud New Jersey Institute of Technology
Goulter, Stephen University of Sydney 1997