There are 16 mathematicians whose last name begin with HUST.

Husted, Steven Michigan State University 1980
Hustedt, Thiemo Universität Bielefeld 2011
Huster, Andreas Stanford University 2003
Huster, William The Johns Hopkins University 1985
Hustler, Noel The University of Edinburgh 2015
Huston, Amy University of Michigan 1997
Huston, Antoinette The University of Chicago 1934
Huston, Joey University of Rochester 1982
Huston, John University of Wisconsin-Madison 1983
Huston, Lawrence University of Michigan 1995
Huston, Michael University of Michigan 1982
Huston, Peter The Ohio State University 2022
Huston, Ralph The University of Chicago 1932
Huston, Ronald University of Pennsylvania 1962
Hustrulid, Andrew University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1937
Husty, Manfred Technische Universität Graz 1983