There are 72 mathematicians whose last name begin with IBR.

Ibraev, Ulukbek Rutgers University, New Brunswick 2005
Ibragimov, Akif Lomonosov Moscow State University 1976
Ibragimov, Akif Steklov Institute of Mathematics 1985
Ibragimov, Anton Università di Milano Bicocca 2013
Ibragimov, Elchin Baku State University 1990
Ibragimov, Gafurjan National University of Uzbekistan 1991
Ibragimov, Ibrahim 1939
Ibragimov, Ildar Lomonosov Moscow State University 1960
Ibragimov, Nail Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk 1973
Ibragimov, Nail Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences 1967
Ibragimov, Rustam Institute of Mathematics of Academy Sciences of Uzbekistan 1997
Ibragimov, Rustam Yale University 2005
Ibragimov, Rustam Uzbek Academy of Sciences 1997
Ibragimov, Zair University of Michigan 2002
Ibragimova, Liliya Bashkir State University 2006
Ibragimova, Nazifa Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences 1966
Ibraheem, Asma 1999
Ibraheem, Husain Kansas State University 1998
Ibrahim, Abdalla Elhag University of Leeds 1993
Ibrahim, Abdul Uniwersytet Łódzki 1986
Ibrahim, Abdul University of Ottawa 1992
Ibrahim, Abdulkarim King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi 2022
Ibrahim, Ahmed University of Kentucky 2016
Ibrahim, Ahmed Purdue University 2018
Ibrahim, Ahmed Alexandria University 2019
Ibrahim, Ahmed University of Maryland College Park 2009
Ibrahim, Alawiah Victoria University 2014
Ibrahim, Ali University of Texas at Austin 2009
Ibrahim, Anesee University of Durham 2008
Ibrahim, Ashraf Texas A&M University 2009
Ibrahim, E. Swansea University 1951
Ibrahim, Fadia Samiel Technische Universität Darmstadt 1981
Ibrahim, Fatma Universität Augsburg 2011
Ibrahim, Firas Université Grenoble Alpes 2020
Ibrahim, Hariwan University of Zakho 2017
Ibrahim, Hashem The Pennsylvania State University 1990
Ibrahim, Haslinda Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 2004
Ibrahim, Hassan École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées 2008
Ibrahim, Ibrahim University of Northern Colorado 1988
Ibrahim, Ibrahim Technische Universiteit Delft 2012
Ibrahim, Ibrahim Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 1989
Ibrahim, Jean-Paul Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III 2010
Ibrahim, Joseph University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1988
Ibrahim, Kamarulzaman University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1995
Ibrahim, Khaled Old Dominion University 2011
Ibrahim, Khaled North Carolina State University 2003
Ibrahim, Maha Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1997
Ibrahim, Mohammad University of St. Andrews 1997
Ibrahim, Mohammed Hasselt University 2018
Ibrahim, Moustafa University of Warwick 2010
Ibrahim, Nematallah University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1970
Ibrahim, Rouba Columbia University 2010
Ibrahim, S. University of London 1955
Ibrahim, Sharif Washington State University 2014
Ibrahim, Suleiman Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi 2020
Ibrahim, Wubshet Osmania University 2012
Ibrahim, Yousif University of Dar es Salaam 1997
Ibrahim, Zina University of Windsor 2010
Ibrahim, Zuhair University of California, San Diego 2007
Ibrahim, Zukeri University of Leeds 2006
Ibrāhīm al-Mīṣrī, Qutb al-Dīn 1222
Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan University of California, Berkeley 1989
Ibrahim Mohammad Ali, Radhi University of Dundee 1981
Ibrahimou, Boubakari University of South Florida 2007
Ibrahimov, Ibrahim 1939
Ibrahimpašić, Bernadin University of Zagreb 2008
Ibramkhalilov, Ibramkhalil Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian Academy of Science 1964
Ibrayev, Rinat Iowa State University 2008
Ibriga, Hilda Purdue University 2021
Ibro, Vait University of East Sarajevo 2005
Ibrogimov, Orif Universität Bern 2015
Ibrügger, Christoph Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 1886