There are 23 mathematicians whose last name begin with ISR.

Israel, Arie Princeton University 2011
Israel, Haydi Université de Poitiers 2013
Israel, Isaac University of California, Berkeley 1994
Israel, Jay Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1968
Israel, Joseph University of California, Berkeley 2002
Israel, Karen Duke University 1984
Israel, Mark Stanford University 2001
Israel, Marvin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1974
Israel, Moshe Weizmann Institute of Science 1976
Israel, Robert Princeton University 1975
Israel, Werner Trinity College, Dublin 1959
Israël, Frank Universiteit Leiden 1976
Israeli, Amos
Israeli, Moshe Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1971
Israelian, Garik
Israel, Jr., Maximiano University of Southern California 1981
Israels, Abraham Universiteit Leiden 1987
Israelsen, L. Dwight Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1979
Israelsen, Vernon University of Wisconsin-Madison 1942
Israelsson, Anders Uppsala Universitet 2020
Israelsson, Stefan Uppsala Universitet 2001
Israfilov, Daniyal
Israwi, Samer