There are 41 mathematicians whose last name begin with MADD.

Maddah, Suzy S. Université de Limoges 2015
Maddala, G. S. The University of Chicago 1963
Maddaus, Jr., Ingo University of Michigan 1940
Madden, Amy Northwestern University 1994
Madden, Catherine Lehigh University 1978
Madden, Daniel The Ohio State University 1975
Madden, Dylan University of Warwick 2021
Madden, James Wesleyan University 1983
Madden, Kathleen University of Maryland College Park 1994
Madden, Niall National University of Ireland, Cork 2000
Madden, Owen University of Durham 2005
Madden, Patrick University of California, Los Angeles 1998
Madden, Ragan Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1976
Madden, Samuel University of California, Berkeley 2003
Madden, Sandra R. Western Michigan University 2008
Madden, Theodore Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1961
Maddila, Sanjeev University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1989
Maddipatla, Sreehari University of Mysore 1969
Maddison, Angus Université Aix-Marseille III 1978
Maddison, Chris University of Oxford 2020
Maddison, Isabel Bryn Mawr College 1896
Maddison, Sarah Monash University 1998
Maddix, Danielle Stanford University 2018
Maddock, Jamie University of Leeds 2006
Maddock, Robert University of Adelaide 2000
Maddock, Zachary Columbia University 2013
Maddocks, John University of Oxford 1981
Maddox, Amy Baylor University 2005
Maddox, Billy University of South Carolina 1964
Maddox, I. University of Birmingham 1962
Maddox, Julia The University of Oklahoma 2012
Maddox, Kyle University of Missouri - Columbia 2019
Maddox, Marilyn University of Michigan 1988
Maddox, Randall University of Mississippi 1988
Maddox, III, William University of California, Berkeley 1997
Maddu, Shankar Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Madduri, Hari University of Wisconsin-Madison 1985
Madduri, Kamesh Georgia Institute of Technology 2008
Maddux, Roger University of California, Berkeley 1978
Maddux, Ryan Stanford University 2010
Maddy, Penelope Princeton University 1979