There are 18 mathematicians whose last name begin with MADS.

Madsen, Alpheus State University of New York at Albany 2007
Madsen, Anders Københavns Universitet 1968
Madsen, Anders University of Southern Denmark 1995
Madsen, Bolette Aarhus University 2005
Madsen, Dag Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet 2002
Madsen, Erik Stanford University 2016
Madsen, Ib The University of Chicago 1970
Madsen, Jeffrey University of Notre Dame 2016
Madsen, Kim Aarhus University 1988
Madsen, Lisa Cornell University 2004
Madsen, Magnus Aarhus University 2015
Madsen, Mark University of Sussex 1988
Madsen, Ole Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1970
Madsen, Ole Aarhus University 1980
Madsen, Oli Technical University of Denmark 1973
Madsen, Thomas Harvard University 2019
Madsen, Thomas The University of Oklahoma 2014
Madsen, Thomas University of Southern Denmark 2011