There are 13 mathematicians whose last name begin with MAGH.

Maghakyan, Abraham Bar-Ilan University 2012
Maghaydah, Mo'ad Macquarie University 2010
Maghdid, Dara Lund University 2016
Magherini, Cecilia Università degli Studi di Firenze 2004
Maghfoul, Mohamed Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 1995
Maghnaradze, Levan
Maghnouji, Abderrahman Université de Lille I 1992
Maghous, Fouzi Université de Bourgogne 1979
Maghrabi, Talal Arizona State University 1992
Maghrebi, Mohammad Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2013
Maghsoodloo, Saeed Auburn University 1968
Maghsoudi, Kaveh Harvard University 2008
Maghsoudi, Saeid University of Isfahan 2006