There are 25 mathematicians whose last name begin with MARL.

Marland, Eric University of Utah 1998
Marle, Charles-Michel École Polytechnique 1968
Marle, Charles-Michel Université de Paris 1968
Marleau, Francine University of Toronto 1995
Marler, Matthew Carnegie Mellon University 1993
Marler, Norman New York University 1970
Marles, David University of Bath 1999
Marletta, Gianfranco University of Sussex
Marletta, Giuseppe Università di Catania 1903
Marletta, Marco Cranfield University 1991
Marlewski, Adam Poznań University of Technology 1981
Marley, Anthony University of Pennsylvania 1965
Marley, Gerald University of Arizona 1967
Marley, Thomas Purdue University 1989
Marlin, Benjamin Missouri University of Science and Technology 2000
Marlin, Joe North Carolina State University 1965
Marlin, Thomas University of Massachusetts Amherst 1972
Marloh, Ernst Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 1881
Marlow, David University of Wollongong 1995
Marlow, Randall Scot University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1989
Marlow, William The University of Iowa 1951
Marlowe, David
Marlowe, Thomas Rutgers University, New Brunswick 1989
Marlowe, Thomas Rutgers University, New Brunswick 1975
Marly, Arthur École Normale Supérieure de Lyon 2018