There are 20 mathematicians whose last name begin with MCCOY.

McCoy, Barry Harvard University 1967
McCoy, Charles University of Notre Dame 2000
McCoy, Daisy Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1990
McCoy, Dorothy The University of Iowa 1929
McCoy, Duncan University of Glasgow 2016
McCoy, Earl Florida State University 1977
McCoy, Emma Imperial College London 1995
McCoy, Everett Missouri University of Science and Technology 1992
McCoy, James University of Oregon 1966
McCoy, James Monash University 2002
McCoy, Jennifer University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1985
McCoy, Michael Oregon State University 1968
McCoy, Michael California Institute of Technology 2013
McCoy, Michel University of California, Berkeley 1975
McCoy, Neal The University of Iowa 1929
McCoy, Peter University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1971
McCoy, Robert Iowa State University 1968
McCoy, Ted The Ohio State University 2002
McCoy, Thomas University of Wisconsin-Madison 1961
McCoy, Timothy University of Notre Dame 2014