There are 53 mathematicians whose last name begin with MCCU.

McCuaig, William University of Waterloo 1988
McCuan, Donald University of Colorado at Denver 2012
McCuan, John Stanford University 1995
McCubbins, Mathew California Institute of Technology 1983
McCudden, Brian McMaster University 1992
McCue, Kenneth California Institute of Technology 1984
McCue, Leigh University of Michigan 2004
McCue, Scott University of Queensland 1999
McCullagh, Pauline University of Strathclyde 1996
McCullagh, Peter University of London 1977
McCullen, Kevin University of Florida 2006
McCulley, William University of Texas at Austin 1956
McCulloch, Allison Rutgers University, New Brunswick 2007
McCulloch, Charles Cornell University 1980
McCulloch, Colin Duke University 1998
McCulloch, Douglas University of Michigan 1997
McCulloch, J. Huston The Ohio State University 1973
McCulloch, Rachel The University of Chicago 1973
McCulloch, Robert University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1985
McCulloh, Leon The Ohio State University 1959
McCullough, Andrew Georgia Institute of Technology 2019
McCullough, Bruce University of Texas at Austin 1989
McCullough, Claire L. University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1988
McCullough, Darryl University of Michigan 1978
McCullough, Dean University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1970
McCullough, Geoffrey
McCullough, James California Institute of Technology 1936
McCullough, Jason University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2009
McCullough, John University of California, San Diego
McCullough, Scott University of California, San Diego 1987
McCully, Joseph University of Michigan 1957
McCuna, James
McCune, Brian Stanford University 1979
McCune, Catherine University of Massachusetts Amherst 1999
McCune, David University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2011
McCune, Earl University of California, Davis 1998
McCune, Ennis Texas Tech University 1974
McCune, James Elliott Cornell University 1958
McCune, Jonathan Carnegie Mellon University 2009
McCune, Timothy Indiana University 1999
McCurdy, Allan University of California, Berkeley 1980
McCurdy, Matthew Florida State University 2020
McCurdy, Micah Macquarie University 2011
McCurdy, Sean University of Washington 2019
McCurdy, Thomas London School of Economics and Political Science 1982
McCurley, Connor University of Florida 2022
McCurley, Kevin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1981
McCusker, Guy Imperial College London 1996
McCusker, James Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2015
McCutchan, Barbara North Carolina State University 1985
McCutcheon, Allan The University of Chicago 1982
McCutcheon, Randall The Ohio State University 1995
McCutheon, John Indiana University 1984