There are 45 mathematicians whose last name begin with MCE.

McEachin, Raymond University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1990
McEldowney, Timothy University of California, Riverside 2019
McElfresh, Duncan University of Maryland College Park 2021
McElgin, William The University of Chicago 2007
McElhone, Donald Iowa State University 1970
McEliece, Robert California Institute of Technology 1967
McElrath, Thomas University of Pennsylvania 1993
McElreath, Julia Wayne State University 1999
McElreath, Richard University of California, Los Angeles 2001
McElroy, Finnian Trinity College, Dublin 2013
McElroy, Gail University of Rochester 2004
McElroy, John University of Florida 2007
McElroy, Kuntal Lehigh University 1997
McElroy, Marjorie Northwestern University 1969
McElroy, Michael Harvard University 2005
McElroy, Michael Queen's University of Belfast 1962
McElroy, Tucker University of California, San Diego 2001
McElwain, D. L. Sean York University 1970
McElwaine, Jim University of Cambridge 1996
McElwee, Brett University of Sydney 1998
McEneaney, William Brown University 1993
McEnerney, James Lehigh University 1975
McEnery, Brian University College Cork 1989
McEnnis, Brian University of Toronto 1977
McEntee, Anne Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1998
Mcenteggart, Peter University of California, Santa Barbara 1969
McEntire, Davis Harvard University 1947
McEntire, Mary University of Texas at Austin 1981
McEowen, James University of Pennsylvania 1969
McEuen, Paul Yale University 1991
McEvett, Allan King's College London 1967
McEvoy, Kevin University of Leeds 1984
McEvoy, Michael University of Colorado at Boulder 2017
McEvoy, Thomas Royal Holloway, University of London 2014
McEwan, Lee Columbia University 1985
McEwan, Michael University of St. Andrews
McEwan, Patrick Stanford University 2000
McEwan, Phil Cardiff University 2000
McEwen, George
McEwen, Henry University of Texas at Austin 1966
McEwen, Joe Saint Louis University 1973
McEwen, Peter University of California, San Diego 1999
McEwen, Robert University of Virginia 2010
McEwen, William University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1946
McEwen, William University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1930