There are 14 mathematicians whose last name begin with MCR.

McRae, Alan State University of New York at Stony Brook 1994
McRae, Alice Clemson University 1994
McRae, Andrew Imperial College London 2015
McRae, David University of Alabama-Birmingham 1997
McRae, D. George University of Washington 1967
McRae, Farzana Florida Institute of Technology 1992
McRae, Gregory California Institute of Technology 1981
McRae, Robert Rutgers University, New Brunswick 2014
McRedmond, James University of Durham 2019
McReynolds, Daniel University of British Columbia 1997
McReynolds, David Ben University of Texas at Austin 2006
McReynolds, Stephen Harvard University 1966
McRoberts, Omar Harvard University 2000
McRoy, Susan University of Toronto 1993