There are 20 mathematicians whose last name begin with MCW.

McWaters, Marcus University of Florida 1966
McWeeney, Shannon University of California, Berkeley 2000
McWherter, David Carnegie Mellon University 2008
McWhirter, Gregory University of California, Irvine 2014
McWhirter, Ina University of Waterloo 1971
McWhirter, Jeffrey University of Colorado at Boulder 1995
McWhirter, John Queen's University of Belfast 1973
McWhorter, Alan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1955
McWhorter, Caleb Syracuse University 2021
McWhorter, Samuel University of North Texas 2014
McWilliam, Noel University of Warwick 2003
McWilliams, Brian Imperial College London 2011
McWilliams, Gerald Texas Tech University 1969
McWilliams, James Harvard University 1971
McWilliams, Joseph Southern Methodist University 1985
McWilliams, Nairn University of Edinburgh 2011
McWilliams, Ralph University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1957
McWilliams, Thomas Stanford University 1979
McWithey, Mary Texas A&M University - Kingsville 2005
McWorter, William The Ohio State University 1963