There are 15 mathematicians whose last name begin with MELV.

Melville, Duncan Yale University 1990
Melville, Gavin Australian National University 1999
Melville, R. Cornell University 1980
Melville, Stuart University of Natal 1992
Melvin, George University of California, Berkeley 2017
Melvin, H. University of London 1952
Melvin, James University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1966
Melvin, Paul University of York 2009
Melvin, Paul University of California, Berkeley 1977
Melvin, Peter University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1970
Melvin, Robin Tulane University 1986
Melvin, Stephen University of California, Berkeley 1990
Melvin, Thomas
Melvin, Timothy Washington State University 2013
Melvin, William Brown University 1971