There are 18 mathematicians whose last name begin with METC.

Metcalf, Charles Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1968
Metcalf, Frederic University of Maryland College Park 1961
Metcalf, Ida Cornell University 1893
Metcalf, Leigh Auburn University 2001
Metcalf, Scott University of Kentucky 1982
Metcalf-Burton, Jessica University of Michigan 2009
Metcalfe, Aisling University of Leeds 1998
Metcalfe, Andrew University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1984
Metcalfe, Anthony University College Cork 2009
Metcalfe, George University of London 2004
Metcalfe, Jason The Johns Hopkins University 2003
Metcalfe, Leanne Georgia Institute of Technology 2008
Metcalfe, Michael University of Oxford 1971
Metcalfe, Neil
Metcalfe, Paul University of Cambridge 2003
Metcalfe, Ralph Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1974
Metcalfe, Robert Harvard University 1973
Metcalfe, Stephen University of Leicester 2015