There are 42 mathematicians whose last name begin with MONTG.

Montgomery, Aaron University of Wisconsin-Madison 1997
Montgomery, Aaron University of Oregon 2013
Montgomery, Bruce West Virginia University 2001
Montgomery, David University of Guelph 1995
Montgomery, David Princeton University 1959
Montgomery, Deane The University of Iowa 1933
Montgomery, Douglas Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1969
Montgomery, George University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1971
Montgomery, H.
Montgomery, Hugh University of Cambridge 1972
Montgomery, Jacob Duke University 2011
Montgomery, James University of Pennsylvania 1904
Montgomery, James Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989
Montgomery, Jason University of North Texas 2014
Montgomery, John University of Wisconsin-Madison 1971
Montgomery, John Yale University 1940
Montgomery, Kenneth University of Georgia 2021
Montgomery, Kimberley Northwestern University
Montgomery, Kimberly Northwestern University 2004
Montgomery, Mabel State University of New York at Buffalo 1953
Montgomery, Mark University of Wisconsin-Madison 1982
Montgomery, Martin University of Oregon 2006
Montgomery, Matthew Purdue University 1994
Montgomery, Michael Vanderbilt University 2022
Montgomery, Michael University of Texas at Austin 1998
Montgomery, M. Susan The University of Chicago 1969
Montgomery, Patrick University of Alberta 1999
Montgomery, Peter University of California, Los Angeles 1992
Montgomery, Philip Washington University in St. Louis 1964
Montgomery, Raymond Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1938
Montgomery, Richard University of Connecticut 1973
Montgomery, Richard University of Cambridge 2015
Montgomery, Richard Clark University 1969
Montgomery, Richard University of California, Berkeley 1986
Montgomery, Robert University of Maryland College Park 1975
Montgomery, Stephen Purdue University 2000
Montgomery, Thomas University of Michigan 1993
Montgomery, Victoria University of Durham 2009
Montgomery, William Iowa State University 1958
Montgomery, William Clark University 1911
Montgomery-Smith, Stephen University of Cambridge 1989
Montgue, John University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1967