There are 77 mathematicians whose last name begin with QIN.

Qin, An Chinese University of Hong Kong 1998
Qin, Chao University of Waikato 2019
Qin, Charles (Xiao) University of Illinois at Chicago 1994
Qin, Chengwei McMaster University 2017
Qin, Cheng-Zhong The University of Iowa 1989
Qin, Duo University of Oxford 1989
Qin, Fan Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 2012
Qin, Fei University of Cincinnati 2014
Qin, Feng University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2006
Qin, Gengsheng Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 1999
Qin, Hanzhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2022
Qin, Hong University of Toronto 1995
Qin, Hong Hong Kong Baptist University 2002
Qin, Hongxun The George Washington University 2000
Qin, Hu University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras 2016
Qin, Huan 2017
Qin, Jianbin University of New South Wales 2013
Qin, Jing Case Western Reserve University 2013
Qin, Jing Nankai University 2010
Qin, Jining Carnegie Mellon University 2019
Qin, Jinshui The Pennsylvania State University 1994
Qin, Jun University of Michigan 2005
Qin, Jun Arizona State University 1991
Qin, Li Rutgers University, Newark 2005
Qin, Li University of Pennsylvania 2004
Qin, Li University of Pittsburgh 2006
Qin, Ling The Ohio State University 1998
Qin, Liuyu University of Missouri - Columbia 2020
Qin, Li-Xuan University of Washington 2005
Qin, Lizhen Wayne State University 2011
Qin, Min The George Washington University 2010
Qin, Minghai University of California, San Diego 2014
Qin, Mingqian University of Texas at Dallas 1991
Qin, Qi University of Southern California 2007
Qin, Qian University of Florida 2019
Qin, Qingquan North Carolina State University 2012
Qin, Ruibin University of Waterloo 2012
Qin, Tai University of Wisconsin-Madison 2015
Qin, Tong Brown University 2017
Qin, Wangguo The University of New Mexico 2000
Qin, Wen-Xin Peking University 1995
Qin, Xiao University of Illinois at Chicago 2003
Qin, Xiao University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2004
Qin, Xiaohan University of Washington 1998
Qin, Xiaolong
Qin, Xinzhou Georgia Institute of Technology 2005
Qin, Xuqiang Indiana University 2020
Qin, Yang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 1999
Qin, Yang Arizona State University 2010
Qin, Yichen École Polytechnique 2022
Qin, Yichen The Johns Hopkins University 2013
Qin, Yifeng Université Gustave-Eiffel 2023
Qin, Yingdi University of California, Berkeley 2020
Qin, Yingli Iowa State University 2009
Qin, Yu Purdue University 2005
Qin, Yue University of Houston 2013
Qin, Yujun Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2004
Qin, Yuming Fudan University 1998
Qin, Yusheng Simon Fraser University 1998
Qin, Yuzhen Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 2019
Qin, Zengchang University of Bristol 2005
Qin, Zhanhai University of California, San Diego 2003
Qin, Zhaohui University of Michigan 2000
Qin, Zhen Indiana University 2011
Qin, Zhenbo Columbia University 1990
Qin, Zhengrui College of William and Mary 2016
Qin, Zhenyun Fudan University 2006
Qin, Zhiwei The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2012
Qin, Zhiwei Columbia University 2013
Qing, Jie University of California, Los Angeles 1993
Qing, Siyu The George Washington University 2014
Qing, Yulan Tufts University 2013
Qing, Zhou Technische Universiteit Eindhoven 1995
Qing Feng, Zhang Stanford University 2004
Qingge, Letu Montana State University 2018
Qing Qing Chen, Stephanie Universität Bremen 2017
Qingzhe, Liu Universität Konstanz 2009