There are 15 mathematicians whose last name begin with THAT.

Thatcher, Andee Arizona State University 2014
Thatcher, Courtney The University of Chicago 2007
Thatcher, George University of Wisconsin-Madison 1951
Thatcher, James University of Michigan 1965
Thatcher, John University of Sydney 1994
Thatcher, Lionel University of Wisconsin-Madison 1938
Thatcher, Neil Flinders University 2017
Thatcher, Ronald University of London 1972
Thatcher, Scott Northwestern University 2000
Thäter, Gudrun Universität Paderborn 1996
Thathachar, M. A. L.
Thatte, Arvind University of Pune 1987
Thatte, Balachandra Indian Institute of Science 1989
Thatte, Vaidehee The University of Chicago 2016
Thattil, Raphel Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1985