There are 15 mathematicians whose last name begin with WARE.

Ware, Andrew
Ware, Antony University of Oxford 1991
Ware, Griffith Australian National University 2014
Ware, Henry Columbia University 1951
Ware, James Stanford University 1970
Ware, James George Peabody College for Teachers 1962
Ware, Roger University of California, Santa Barbara 1970
Ware, Stephen North Carolina State University 2014
Ware, William Northwestern University 1968
Wareham, Arlan University of California, Riverside 1967
Wareham, Arlen University of California, Riverside 1980
Wareham, Harold University of Victoria 1999
Ware III, Willett University of California, Santa Cruz 1973
Wareing, Todd University of Michigan 1991
Wares, Joanna University of Maryland College Park 2008