There are 100 mathematicians whose last name begin with CUI.

Cui, Anqing Stanford University 1999
Cui, Aoxiang Fudan University 2011
Cui, Bai Georgia Institute of Technology 2018
Cui, Baoqiu State University of New York at Stony Brook 2000
Cui, Bo University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras 2016
Cui, Bo University of Western Ontario 2011
Cui, Changjun Michigan State University 2005
Cui, Changrong Northwestern University 2005
Cui, Chun-feng Chinese Academy of Sciences 2016
Cui, Dacheng 2007
Cui, Di City University of Hong Kong 2023
Cui, Guirong University of Alberta 1997
Cui, Guizhen
Cui, Hailong University of Southern California 2020
Cui, Haiyan University of Arizona 1995
Cui, Haiyang Technische Universiteit Delft 2013
Cui, Hao University of Science and Technology of China 2014
Cui, Heng Southern Methodist University 2018
Cui, Hengjian Academia Sinica 1993
Cui, Hengxin University of Waterloo 2019
Cui, Hongbin University of Glasgow 2001
Cui, Hongyong 2017
Cui, Jian Anhui Normal University 2012
Cui, Jiangjun Universiteit van Amsterdam 2009
Cui, Jianjun Universität Kaiserslautern 1995
Cui, Jianxun North Carolina State University 2017
Cui, Jing Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2017
Cui, Jintao Louisiana State University 2010
Cui, Jun-Hong University of California, Los Angeles 2003
Cui, Kai Duke University 2012
Cui, Lei University of Texas at Dallas 2016
Cui, Lidong Swinburne University 2018
Cui, Lijuan The University of Oklahoma 2013
Cui, Limeng The Pennsylvania State University 2022
Cui, Lirong Swansea University 1994
Cui, Liyuan Cornell University 2017
Cui, Lu University of Rochester 1994
Cui, Min Indiana University 2019
Cui, Na University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2012
Cui, Peiyi Université de Rennes 1 2019
Cui, Qian University of Maryland College Park 1989
Cui, Qiurong University of Wisconsin-Madison 2014
Cui, Ran University of Maryland College Park 2016
Cui, Renhao Harbin Institute of Technology 2013
Cui, Ruomeng Northwestern University 2014
Cui, Shijie The Pennsylvania State University 2022
Cui, Shiqi University of Missouri - Columbia 2014
Cui, Shuguang (Robert) Stanford University 2005
Cui, Shujie University of Auckland 2019
Cui, Shuning Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes 2018
Cui, Song University of Adelaide 1996
Cui, Sufang University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2001
Cui, Tao Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010
Cui, Tiangang University of Auckland 2010
Cui, Wei University of California, Santa Barbara 2007
Cui, Wei University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa 2016
Cui, Wei Princeton University 2013
Cui, Wei Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2020
Cui, Weidong University of California, Berkeley 2006
Cui, Weiwei University of Maryland College Park 2008
Cui, Weiwei Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel 2017
Cui, Wen University of Texas at Austin 2002
Cui, Wentian University of Tsukuba 1988
Cui, Xianghao University of Connecticut 1996
Cui, Xiaoliang North Carolina State University 1994
Cui, Xiaoyue Wayne State University 2015
Cui, Xiawen Texas State University 2020
Cui, Xin Lehigh University 2016
Cui, Xingshan University of California, Santa Barbara 2016
Cui, Xinping University of California, Los Angeles 2002
Cui, Xiufang Fudan University 2020
Cui, Xuewei University of Texas at Austin 1996
Cui, Yanhao University of Kansas 2019
Cui, Yanli University of Illinois at Chicago 2009
Cui, Yi Sorbonne Université 2018
Cui, Yi Texas A&M University 2017
Cui, Yifan The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2018
Cui, Yiming University of Florida 2023
Cui, Ying National University of Singapore 2016
Cui, Yingnan Nanyang Technological University 2016
Cui, Yingwei Stanford University 2002
Cui, Yiran University College London 2017
Cui, Yongjie University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2002
Cui, Yubing Brandeis University 2016
Cui, Yuehua University of Florida 2005
Cui, Yukang University of Hong Kong 2017
Cui, Yuntao Michigan State University 1996
Cui, Yunwei Clemson University 2009
Cui, Zhe University of Maryland College Park 2019
Cui, Zheng Chinese University of Hong Kong 2018
Cui, Zheng 2019
Cui, Zhenhuan The Ohio State University 2007
Cui, Zhenlu Florida State University 2005
Cui, Zhenyu University of Waterloo 2013
Cuida-Gómez, María Astrid Universidad de Valladolid 2016
Cuijpers, Joannes Technische Universiteit Delft 1994
Cuijpers, Pieter Technische Universiteit Eindhoven 2004
Cuijpers, Pim
Cuitino, Alberto Brown University 1993
Cuitun Coronado, Rodrigo University College Dublin 2023