There are 54 mathematicians whose last name begin with GIBS.

Gibson, Allen Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1968
Gibson, Andrew Victoria University of Manchester 2001
Gibson, Archie University of Colorado at Boulder 1966
Gibson, Benjamin Stanford University 1966
Gibson, Christopher Universiteit van Amsterdam 1967
Gibson, Craig
Gibson, Cynthia University of Oregon 1995
Gibson, Daniel University of Wisconsin-Madison 2010
Gibson, Dennis University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1967
Gibson, Dick University of Maryland College Park 1992
Gibson, Donald University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2006
Gibson, Edward California Institute of Technology 1964
Gibson, Edward Indiana University 1979
Gibson, Edward Carnegie Mellon University 1991
Gibson, Edward Columbia University 1992
Gibson, Eric Kansas State University 1997
Gibson, Everett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1974
Gibson, Garth University of California, Berkeley 1991
Gibson, Gavin The University of Edinburgh 1986
Gibson, George Universität Breslau 1911
Gibson, Gregory North Carolina State University 1994
Gibson, Henry Columbia University 1990
Gibson, Iain The University of Edinburgh 2003
Gibson, Jeffrey Stanford University 2002
Gibson, Joel University of Sydney 2020
Gibson, John Stanford University 1998
Gibson, John University of London 1995
Gibson, John Yale University 1956
Gibson, John Michigan State University 1971
Gibson, Laurie University of Houston 1978
Gibson, Lee Cornell University 2005
Gibson, Mark University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 2008
Gibson, Matthew University of California, San Diego 2015
Gibson, Michael
Gibson, Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1993
Gibson, Michael California Institute of Technology 2000
Gibson, Nathan North Carolina State University 2004
Gibson, Norman Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1974
Gibson, Norman Queen's University of Belfast 1959
Gibson, Paul Delaware State University 2007
Gibson, Peter North Carolina State University 1966
Gibson, Peter North Carolina State University 1966
Gibson, Peter University of Calgary 1999
Gibson, R. University of London 1955
Gibson, Rajna Université de Genève 1987
Gibson, Richard University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa 1971
Gibson, Robert University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1943
Gibson, Sarah University of California, Los Angeles 2012
Gibson, Thomas Imperial College London 2019
Gibson, Timothy University of Maryland Baltimore County 1998
Gibson, Travis Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2014
Gibson, Walter Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1957
Gibson, William University of New South Wales 1968
Gibson, William University of Houston 1974