There are 61 mathematicians whose last name begin with HIC.

Hicdurmaz, Betul Gebze Institute of Technology 2015
Hickel, Michel Université Bordeaux 1 1986
Hickenbotton, Wayne University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1992
Hickernell, Frederick Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Hickerson, Anna California Institute of Technology 2005
Hickerson, Dean University of California, Berkeley 1980
Hickerson, T.F.
Hickethier, Don Oregon State University 2010
Hickey, David University College Cork 2008
Hickey, Deborah Rice University 1929
Hickey, Graeme University of Durham 2010
Hickey, Jason Cornell University 2001
Hickey, Jimmy University of Texas at Austin 1971
Hickey, John University of Glasgow 1970
Hickey, Kevin Iowa State University 1981
Hickey, Michael University of Queensland 1987
Hickey, Patricia University of Texas at Austin 1980
Hickey, Peter University of Melbourne 2015
Hickey, Susan University of Oregon 1988
Hickey, Takako Cornell University 1998
Hickey, Timothy The University of Chicago 1986
Hickin, D. University of Durham 2004
Hickin, Kenneth Michigan State University 1977
Hicklin, Karen North Carolina State University 2016
Hickling, Fred University of California, San Diego 1988
Hickman, Bert University of California, Berkeley 1951
Hickman, Betty Southern Methodist University 1991
Hickman, Brent The University of Iowa 2010
Hickman, Carl Dalhousie University 2001
Hickman, Heyward University of South Carolina 2006
Hickman, James The University of Iowa 1961
Hickman, Jonathan The University of Edinburgh 2015
Hickman, Mark Monash University 1985
Hickman, Warren Kent State University 1974
Hickmann, Kyle Oregon State University 2010
Hicks, Andrew University of Exeter 1994
Hicks, Angela University of California, San Diego 2013
Hicks, Charles Syracuse University 1954
Hicks, Chris North Carolina State University 2002
Hicks, Daniel University of California, Berkeley 2009
Hicks, Daniel University of California, Berkeley 2009
Hicks, Gregory North Carolina State University 2003
Hicks, Illya Rice University 2000
Hicks, Jacob University of Georgia 2016
Hicks, Jeffrey University of California, Berkeley 2019
Hicks, Jim University of Oxford
Hicks, John
Hicks, Katrina University of Oxford 1994
Hicks, Michael Texas State University 2021
Hicks, Michael University of Pennsylvania 2001
Hicks, Noel Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1957
Hicks, Peter University of East Anglia 2008
Hicks, R. University of Pennsylvania 1995
Hicks, Richard Kingston University 1984
Hicks, T University of Bristol 1988
Hicks, Troy University of Cincinnati 1965
Hicks, Jr., James Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992
Hicks Miller, Vinnie Montana State University 1966
Hickson, Arthur The University of Chicago 1928
Hickson, DeMarc Emory University 2005
Hickson, Roslyn University of New South Wales 2010