There are 59 mathematicians whose last name begin with GRANT.

Grant, Alan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2007
Grant, Alan Michigan State University 1990
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Andrew Macquarie University 2019
Grant, Angela University of Arkansas 1988
Grant, Angela University of Maryland College Park 2005
Grant, Anna Bryn Mawr College 1937
Grant, Benjamin Northwestern University 2019
Grant, Brian University of Washington 2001
Grant, Caroline Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984
Grant, Carrie Auburn University 1997
Grant, Charles University of California, Davis 1992
Grant, Charles University of California, Berkeley 1971
Grant, Christan University of Florida 2015
Grant, Christopher University of Utah 1991
Grant, D. University of Reading 1977
Grant, Daniel University of Florida 2011
Grant, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985
Grant, Douglass McMaster University 1971
Grant, Elmer The University of Chicago 1916
Grant, Gregory University of Maryland College Park 1995
Grant, H. University of Cambridge 1957
Grant, Harold University of Pennsylvania 1933
Grant, Holly Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2017
Grant, James Dublin City University 2002
Grant, James University of Cambridge 1994
Grant, John The Open University 2019
Grant, John
Grant, Jonathan University of Durham 2016
Grant, Joseph University of Bristol 2010
Grant, Kenneth Indiana University 1963
Grant, Kerry Saint Louis University 1968
Grant, Lars Harvard University 2008
Grant, Laura University of California, Santa Barbara 2011
Grant, M(alcolm) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1972
Grant, Marion University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1985
Grant, Mark University of Manchester 2006
Grant, Mark University of Florida 1994
Grant, Michael
Grant, Morris Columbia University 1960
Grant, P. University of Oxford 1973
Grant, Peter Universität Bern 1979
Grant, Scott Queen's University at Kingston 2012
Grant, Simon Harvard University 1991
Grant, Susan University of Maryland College Park 1975
Grant, Timothy University of Surrey 2012
Grant, Warren Texas A&M University 1969
Grant, William Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977
Grant, Zachary University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 2018
Grantcharov, Dimitar University of California, Riverside 2003
Grant-Duff, Zulena Imperial College London 1997
Grantham, Adrian University of South Australia 2017
Grantham, Dennis University of Oregon 1972
Grantham, George Yale University 1972
Grantham, Jon University of Georgia 1997
Grantham, Stephen University of Colorado at Boulder 1982
Grantham, Walter University of Arizona 1973
Grant-Peters, Jonathan University of Oxford 2021
Grantz, Cynthia University of Texas at Arlington 2005